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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Online Grocery Revolution

Online Grocery Revolution

The Online Grocery Revolution is my latest article for YourFoodJob; In it I wanted to focus my attention on the Online Grocery trade in the UK, after the recent announcement of the final supermarket in the Top 4, Morrisons announcing a tie-up with Ocado to launch a site selling groceries online.

In the article I analyse the positions of each of the major UK Grocers and how they see the important trading area of the web and how this forms part of their future strategy hence The Online Grocery Revolution.

After this general view, I take a deeper dive into things from a Morrisons perspective, discussing why they only received an average reception from city analysts – their shares only growing by 1%; the main reasons being that they are behind the game with Online Grocery and it is going to take a while yet before they see significant results. I do point out the positives for Morrisons based on what they do well, but point out they need to get the basics right if they want to take advantage of the Online Grocery Revolution.

Finally I note that for Ocado the deal has been extremely positive and discuss why; also noting that Waitrose are less positive about the deal.

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