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Gap Anaysis, Range Review & Effective Marketing

When dealing with Category Buying Managers and other ranging teams in Retailers such as Tesco or Sainsburys, commercial teams will be expected to be part of the periodical category review process, which will involve the need to lead comprehensive Gap & Range Analysis providing gap, layout and merchandising recommendations.

Our Comprehensive Range tool will include some or all of the key metrics detailed below or indeed others as specified by you, delivered in an easy to use pivot table and visual matrix allowing quick assessment of the range and gaps that exist to exploit the category further for either / or both the supplier and the retailer helping to achieve set commercial targets.

Finally we will provide layout analysis including a before and after picture with potential shelf positions to target, for the gaps as identified in the process above.

Key Metrics used to assess gaps:

Retailer Chain Product Type Packaging Type
Store Format Size Packaging Format
Sector Flavour Multi-Pack vs Single
Sub-Sector Fat Content Varient
Brand Additives Brand Owner
Sub-Brand Price Shelf Position
Product Promotions Etc...

In completing a full gap analysis in the juice and smoothies aisle, working with the juice buyer in Tesco, we identified 6 gaps leading to NPD and further listings driving category growth by 6%.

The Gap and Range analysis will be based on a core number of retail outlet formats as specified by yourself – if you wish, further analysis can then be linked depending on your data resource to provide even more detailed insight.

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

*N.B Some of these services will be dependent on using your data / the data available to your organisation.