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Market and Competitor Bibles

Having a complete picture of the market your product trades in is a useful tool, which allows you to develop a coherent strategy for commercial success.

The Category Wins market bible can give you a complete breakdown of your relevant retail structure including a review of the category your product sits in, detailing key brands and an analysis of the private label range. Our market bible will also look at new products and innovation in the category, assessing the impact they are having and suggesting potential further opportunities;* We will carry out SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and PEST (Political, Environmental, Social, Technological) analysis looking at market factors and how they feature and impact consumer choice and product performance.

The bible will aim to look at category selection and highlight the purchase decision matrix which shoppers go through and how this impacts your business. The bible will produce recommendations on how best to take advantage of these shopper and market forces.

Category Wins can also provide you with a key competitor bible, which will take a deeper dive into your competition and key players in the market and their products, giving you an understanding of their brands / private label ranges, their performance, key personnel, capabilities, structure and other key strategy indicators.

The 2 services combined will give you a complete overview on how the category operates and who the key players are, providing you with a 360 degree perspective and sound market intelligence enabling you to design your own successful commercial strategy.

These will be delivered to you in Excel & PowerPoint formats which will be updateable and designed to allow for usage in specific presentations in different meetings.

*N.B Some of these services will be dependent on using your data / the data available to your organisation.

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