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Sales Management

Whether you have gained listings with multiple retailers or not, it is such a competitive environment that retailers need the best products on their shelves, presented in such a way that encourages shoppers to put them into their basket and maximises sales and profit for the retailer.

The nirvana of sales management is helping current or future retail partners achieve this with products on a sustained basis whilst also enabling continual business growth and exciting your shoppers ongoing.

Retail Ally

Helping suppliers and retailers unearth insights and strategies to drive growth is at the heart of what we do as your retail ally.

Delivering success

Category Wins can help retail suppliers craft a plan to drive long term profitable success with multiple retailers. We are flexible in how we can do this, and can either manage the entire retail relationship on your behalf, or provide advice on a consulting basis to help you manage this crucial relationship.

We can help with all areas of creating a winning sales plan and then managing and executing this via a strong retail relationship. Our services can be summarised under 3 main area’s:

1. Channel/Account Strategy:

We can help formulate a channel and account strategy to identify the best retail partners for your brand/product portfolio.

2. Gaining listings in new customers:

Contact strategy – Sadly, it’s not usually very easy getting through to the key buying decision makers (or even finding them) and when you do, responses are not always forthcoming. We can help you with the most appropriate contact strategy and use our extensive contact network to give you the best chance of getting a response from the right person in the organisation that has been targeted.

Compelling Proposal – It is not enough to have a great product to gain listings with retailers. We can help you ensure that the product is presented in the best light, with the most appropriate commercial plan to entice the retailers to work with you. Buyers are well trained in extracting the best investments for their business’; at Category Wins we can help make sure your plan is one that is financially viable for both you and your retail customers' business...

3. Holding and gaining product listings in current customers:

Mistakenly, many suppliers think gaining a listing is the difference between success and failure. However, once the listing has been gained, keeping that listing and actually growing sales through it is the most challenging aspect of working with retailers. This is where Category Wins excels.

Manging the retail relationship – Building and maintaining a strong relationship with retailers is a key strength of Category Wins, which is greatly enhanced by the factual insights we can substantiate our plans with through the Category Management skills we have. Putting a plan together that satisfies both the financial objectives of the retailer and supplier whilst also driving growth is our aim.

Ideal Retail-Supplier Relationship

Activation planning – Part and parcel of trading with the retailers is making the best use of the different activation mechanics they have to hit your brand objectives. This ranges from promotional planning to in-store point of sale. All of these activities are designed to bring shoppers to your brand and encourage them to purchase (again and again).

Ongoing negotiations – Negotiation of annual terms and deals to help drive both your and the retailers business forward is a challenge. Any wrong steps can have catastrophic effects for either the supplier or the retailer’s category which inevitably end in the termination of the agreements. Category Wins understand how to find a route through these negotiations and can help reach that sales nirvana of a win-win for both retailer and supplier.

The 8 Stage Process of Category Management